April 25th 2020


Sergiu Matis is a choreographer born in 1981 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and now

living and working in Berlin. His movement practice “visible thinking body”, a method of thinking the body in motion, forms the base of his performances. Contaminated with ballet technique at an early age in freshly post-communist Romania, Sergiu now seeks a new virtuosity, learning from machines, scrambling fragments of history, skipping and swiping through archives – both personal or belonging to Western dance history. He writes his own performative texts, choreographing meaning and ideas, flirting with poetry and theory, with a pinch of visceral filth and groovy noises. The voice dances as much as the body in a Sergiu Matis performance. 

About his workshop

The Visible Thinking Body (VTB) is a performative practice that thinks the body in motion, and consists of several navigation tools.

With hightened attention, noticing the inner grooves first, the process will start with detecting the spot of the initiation of a movement. What moves us today, how do we stand and what are we standing for? Besides focusing on beginnings and the series of motions that unfold on a certain logic and then become events, we will also look at different ways of collecting artefacts — moments and situatioans that appear during the navigation. How does the collection perform?